New book

My latest book is printed … come visit the Dordogne area of France – a wonderful mix of English and French chateaux, centuries-old stone buildings, bastide towns that have hosted Saturday markets for 700 years, Bordeaux wines and foie-gras.  Truly one of the best places I have ever been.


3 responses to “New book

  1. Really really nice pictures. Couldn’t read all that fine print, tho. And did you know there’s a picture of a pot of PINK geraniums in there??? tsk tsk

  2. I’ve just spent the past couple of hours reading your magnificent book and looking at all the wonderful pictures! There were so many things I was going to be sure to comment on, but they just became too many. Suffice it to say that it’s quite obvious how hard you worked to put all this information together, but at the same time what a wonderful time you had doing it. I hope Judy has healed well, and wonder if “round 3” is in the works yet? Well done, as always, Paige.

  3. I definately concur w/Sue. I’ve only had time to scan through your book, but it leaves me numb with where to start with all the positive comments. I guess I missed how Judy injured her arm, but assume she was doing something fun in France! (When I have more time, I need to go back and ‘read’ the book). This has to be your ‘thickest’ book thus far, and kudos to you for doing such a great job. Your photos (as always) are excellent. But this time, I’m struck with how well you write. I guess it never hit me quite as hard, as with this book. Very Nice Paige. D

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