The little joys of July

Beach weather

Yard-sale treasures

Pie cherries

Self-serve farmstands

Flowers in unexpected places

The ubiquitous orange daylily (any mail? nope...)


4 responses to “The little joys of July

  1. Oh I love the red white and blue boat. I need a picture of that one. Cherries look yummy, but that white wicker chair is something I would not want to sit in…..Is that the farm stand we always go to?

  2. Linda Freyberg

    Our little joys of July would be umbrellas, galoshes and hot cocoa next to the fire! We could sure use some “global warming” here! Love your pix!

  3. I love that boat! What a fun use of an old boat. And so pretty in red, white and blue. I don’t know if planting flowers in our old toilet and putting it in the backyard is going to have quite the draw as the boat…..

  4. The boat shot is right up there with your other ‘boat’ shot about a year ago ….remember? Both are definately SFF…but then you already knew that! Like the little wagon also …hell, THEY’RE ALL GOOD. Just keep it up Paige. D

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