The greenhouse

On an exceptionally warm summer day I like to clean the greenhouse.  I gather up all the used pots and flats and toss them onto the front lawn.  Once they are all in place I get the garden hose and clean them, inside and out, using a liberal amount of water so I can take advantage of some of that cool spray, too.  Everything is left on the lawn to dry in the July sun.

In the meantime I sweep the pavers in the greenhouse, collect used potting soil that I can recycle in the bottom of some of the larger pots next spring (with good Miracle Grow soil on top), and throw away items no longer needed.  Once the hosed-down items are dry, I stack up everything according to size and put them away.  With the exception of some light duty in the fall when I try to extend the New England growing season, the greenhouse is now ready for next spring.

Summer is fleeting here; the seasons are short and distinct (although sometimes winter seems awfully long) and each is savored in its own way.  Right now, July is hot and humid and I complain about the dewpoint and the fact that it’s still 80* at 9 pm.  Before you know it though, the leaves will fall and snow will fly.

Summer will be over before we know it.


3 responses to “The greenhouse

  1. We are still waiting for summer in the Pacific Northwest…not looking like we are going to have much of one…loved the photos!

  2. I’m glad we don’t have 80 at 9pm, but a nice warm day or two (or three) in a row would be nice out here! I always love to see your kitties enjoying themselves. They really know how to do it right! And your greenhouse puts ours to shame. Or should I say Rick’s? His is a terrible mess! Maybe he’ll see how neat and tidy yours is and get motivated to clean his….?

  3. P, Your organizational skills remain intact from our days at Boeing. A place for everything …and everything in it’s place (until the cats decide to play!)
    You’re a busy little green thumb aren’t you! Great, unusual shots.

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