4th of July at the lake

Holiday weekend.  Heat and humidity.  How to spend the day?

The lake is inviting...

But so are the rockers on the porch

The thunderstorm just missed us.....

...and the water was too inviting to pass up.

This small lake was quiet and placid on a hectic weekend

...and sorry, big guy, but you didn't have a chance.


2 responses to “4th of July at the lake

  1. I like that chair photo. They were all fun, of course, but that was my favorite. We walked across the street to our friends’ house on the lake and watched a huge fireworks show in the comfort of their home. It was great! Loud, and very smoky, but beautiful. Had a nice Harley ride during the day as well. Today we are off to CA for a week to babysit our little granddaughter for a week while her folks go to South Carolina for a conference on Irene’s medical condition. Wish us luck! And keep those fabulous pictures coming – love them all!

  2. Glad to see the lake with the ‘ice out’! Looks like a great time to be in NH.
    Great pixs Paige …really nice. I like Mr. Lobster!
    As you know …Seattle is very alluring this time of year. Our 4th was filled with family from KS & OR. As our son and his family headed north to Anacortes for a private fireworks party …we got ‘dog-sitting’ duty at our place. We had some potent pills to knock the dogs numb ..fun! d

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