Don’t mess with the tomatoes

I love to grow tomatoes.  Not necessarily to eat, but just because they are fun to grow.  I like the way the leaves smell and I like that they come in all different shapes and colors – from all over the world.  I save my own seeds and trade them on the internet for heirloom or foreign varieties.  It is something I look forward to each summer.

This afternoon, around 5:30, I looked out the window and saw a deer out at the far end of the pond.  Local wildlife photo op!  I grabbed my camera and focused through the storm door, afraid that if I went out on the front porch I’d scare him away.

But then it hit me … he was out at the end of the pond.  By the tomato bed.

He was eating my tomato plants!

I bolted out the door, camera still in hand but only because I didn’t stop to put it down, and ran as fast as I could down to the pond – assuming that alone would scare the deer away.  Instead, I got to the end of the pond and stopped … because he hadn’t moved at all.

He just stood there, looking at me, probably wondering what kind of crazy creature I was.  He did not seem afraid (probably a youngster, not knowing enough to BE afraid).  So, I started talking to him.  And, naturally, taking pictures.  He didn’t even blink.

We had quite the conversation.  A little one-sided, but he certainly listened to me.  I told him how beautiful he was, and how he was welcome to stay there if he liked, but if he got anywhere near those tomato plants his name would be Venison.  He was maybe 20′ away from me and he was a beautiful creature!

After about five minutes he apparently had enough of my silly talk and decided to move on, leaving the tomato plants untouched and slipping quietly into the woods.

Smart little guy!



5 responses to “Don’t mess with the tomatoes

  1. Ilene Fiedler

    He is very pretty and how odd that you didn’t scare him away just by being that close. Maybe you sound like his mother…….but if I ever find out what dug up MY tomatoes, we won’t have venison, but blood will be shed.

  2. He certainly is beautiful! What a delight for you. Although maybe not for your tomatoes.

  3. Too funny!~

  4. Given the choice of tomatoes Vs a beautiful deer in my yard …a new buddy, I’ll take the deer (no venison). Though one of the best fondues I ever had was marinated Bambi. Great pixs Paige. I think he likes you!

  5. Went back for a 2nd look …It’s too pretty to be a ‘he’ …it’s got to be a doe!

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