Barefoot Sunday

It was a beautiful, sunny, warm, tee-shirt-and-shorts day.  Actually, yesterday was too.

Sorry, Northwesterners.

We spent the day on the deck, on the porch, and out by the pond.  The frogs are very noisy this time of year and the wild turkeys have a dozen babies trailing behind them.  The geraniums are starting to bloom in their hot pink sap buckets, and the dahlias are taller than I am.  Tomatoes are blossoming.  Grass is growing … and the grass got mowed today.

Skinny gray cats enjoy the feel of the grass beneath their feet.  They chase butterflies and laze in the sun.

The peonies are blooming.  I have to cut them and bring them into the house, even though they don’t last long.

The front porch becomes a shady spot to sit and listen to the waterfall at the pond.

My home-grown impatiens happily bloom in a French blue pot found at the dump.

After pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, washing the cars and cutting the rhubarb, it’s good to step back and enjoy how nice my corner of New Hampshire looks.

Some of us, though, just slept all day!


5 responses to “Barefoot Sunday

  1. It all looks so beautiful . . . happy summer! And, yes, us Northwesterners are still “waiting” for summer . . .

  2. Aaaah, it must be nice to get so much done outside and sit back and enjoy it. As we sat in the house yesterday for Father’s Day, with our sweaters on to stay warm, looking through the dirty windows at all the weeds and other work needing to get done outside, we were dreaming of days like you are experiencing. Our only problem is once the weather does get nicer, we go play somewhere else! Hmmmm, we have to do something about that pretty soon!

  3. Ilene Fiedler

    I’m with Spaz. SHE knows how to enjoy a lovely summer day.
    What’s Summer, anyway?

  4. Beautiful !

  5. Life in New England….PRICELESS!!!!

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