Old house

Today a co-worker asked if I wanted to go to an “abandoned” house with her to take photos and measure rooms (it’s a new listing).  Abandoned house???  Of course I want to see it!  Well, it wasn’t exactly abandoned – just not lived in for quite awhile, and very much unfinished – but it was still fun.  While she did her real estate thing, and after I held one end of the measuring tape, I managed to get in some photos of my own.

There was pretty, chippy blue paint on the screen porch ceiling.  (I like chippy paint, especially blue. )  There were wide pine floors and gunstock corners and huge beams overhead in several of the rooms.

There were layers of peeling wallpaper in the front entry hall.

Nice old doorknobs and latches and hardware – which I love.

Weathered shutters and wildflowers.

A slightly askew front door.

Dates of … the original house and the addition, maybe?

A house waiting for a new owner and someone to make it beautiful again.


3 responses to “Old house

  1. If only those walls could talk…..great photo’s.

  2. I love red doors! And the picture with the wildflowers and shutters was my favorite. Loved them all!

  3. Personally …I really like the askew screen door, and the weather vane. Very nice.

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