The garden in June

Photos from the late-spring garden.

Gotta love cornflowers

The pink azaleas were spectacular!

The Siberian irises along the edge of the pond were from a neighbor

Many of the columbines came from seed from Vashon Island

Roses along the fenceline

Asian pears forming in my newly-planted "orchard"

Possibly my favorite flower - a gorgeous clematis, name unknown

... and the antique roses are just beginning to bloom



3 responses to “The garden in June

  1. Ilene Fiedler

    Wow! Those flowers are gorgeous. The azaleas are SO pretty. Your toes are cute too……and the roses along the fence. I still have scars from trimming them……..

  2. Wish we had that many flowers blooming! Beautiful, as always.

  3. You had to start your posted pictures with a BLUE flower didn’t you. My favorite color and picture of the bunch.

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