Traffic jam

On my way to work this morning I took a short side trip next to Back Bay and then intended to go around the back of the train station and up to the main road again. When I got behind the train station, though, the car in front of me had stopped and the driver was talking with a man standing in the road. I didn’t care, and I waited a few minutes, and the car slowly moved on. When it did, though, the man in the road waved at me and then pointed down to the ground. Then I saw the reason for the stopped car … there was a big snapping turtle in the road! I’ve only seen one before, and it wasn’t nearly this big. This guy looked like he was headed down the Bridge Falls Path for a morning walk!

This is why I keep a camera in the car with me at all times!

6 responses to “Traffic jam

  1. Oh my gosh! I thought you could only see those in Hawaii! What a treat…he looks like he has a purpose and knows where he’s going!

  2. Ilene Fiedler

    Pretty snappy picture……….

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I don’t think I have seen one before. We all benefit from you always having your camera!

  4. How cool to see that in the middle of the road! And how wonderful for that fella to help this little dude across the street safely. Thanks for sharing it!

  5. We saw one this morning also in Winchester NH !! Maybe they were meeting and going out for lunch!!

  6. Pardon my ignorance…but I always thought that Snapping Turtles hung out in the southern tier states. This seems unusual to me for sure. They are hard to see at times, and their ‘bite’ is very quick and powerful. Good pix Paige. We’ve got company in town for the week. We’ve done Rainier, Hurricane Ridge, Whale watching, Boeing Tour, Pikes, Locks, St. Michelle, Redhook …..I’m beat! 2nd wave in 2 weeks! D

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