I’m published!

Well …. sort of.

A few weeks ago I was delighted to learn that the Chamber of Commerce had chosen one of the photos I’d submitted to be published in their annual brochure (which is the nicest one in the area). Mary DeVries (executive director of the Chamber) contacted me and had me sign a release so the photo could be used; she also noted that I had titled the photo “Winter Harbor by Boat”, but asked if they could change it simply to “Wolfeboro Bay.”  I think she was amused when I said she could call it anything she wanted.

A copy of the brochure arrived in the mail today, personally addressed to me, with a nice letter thanking me for the photo. My photo, however (which is a personal favorite of mine) had been cropped a little.

Okay, it’s been cropped a LOT.

Actually I think they just wanted a background for some text, but on the other hand it IS on page 1. And I DID get credit for it.

(In 2-point type.)

Am I complaining? No. So what if it doesn’t look exactly like I thought it would? My name is in the brochure (twice, actually) as a photo credit, and there is always next year to try to get an entire photo in.

It’s a start!

Here is the whole photo ... taken from our boat


6 responses to “I’m published!

  1. Ilene Fiedler

    Very cool!!!!

  2. Linda Freyberg

    Yay! I, too, believe it is just a start. I am happy for you and now that your name and talent is out there for all to see, you may get some great photography offers and opportunities. The possibilities are endless!! 🙂

  3. I always knew you would be famous!!

  4. That is quite a crop job, but still extremely exciting for you! I hope next time they will use your entire photo and let everyone see what a fabulous photographer you really are. Congratulations, Paige!

  5. I knew you would become famous!!!


  6. I knew you would be ‘discovered’ eventually. Good on ya girl.
    I remember the photo from your collection…. I like it much better un-cropped, but the credit may be your foot-in-the-door.
    Keep the CoC supplied with your best shots, and they may adopt you as their ‘pet’ photographer. I’m happy for you Paige.
    Perhaps you should invite Mary DeVries to Wolfeboro for lunch some sunny day?

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