The early spring garden

Sometimes I think early spring is the most beautiful time of year in the garden – but maybe it’s just because we’re so color-starved.  That, and the weeds haven’t had time to grow yet.  Whatever the reason, the early spring plants are showing off and, like I do every April, I am obliged to photograph them and justify all their hard work.

The pond also looks good this time of year, and the peepers are out in full force on warm evenings.  In another month or so, bullfrogs will add their voices to the mix.

Leaves are appearing on the lilac trees – the first to show.  I personally have a hard time with six months out of the year with no leaves!!

One of my favorite flowers, the checkered lily blooms in April and they have slowly spread throughout the garden over the years.  I love them, and happily scatter their seeds everywhere.

And … it’s hard work being a little six-toed cat in springtime.  Butterflies to chase, grass under your feet to run through, having to choose which flowers to take a nap under, soaking up all that sunshine.  The long winter is over and warmer days are here.


3 responses to “The early spring garden

  1. I don’t think I have ever seen checkered lily’s. Beautiful! You have such a beautiful place up there Paige!
    You shouldn’t work your cat so hard!! LOL

  2. Those checkered lilies are beautiful! And I love the pictures of the kitty. Sure looks like contentment to me~

  3. Cool cat pixs ….they all have it real rough huh? D

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