Weather report

This is the last winter photo I will post this year until … well, winter.  I promise.  To compensate for the disappointing weather today (and that’s an understatement), I planted more seeds.  I do not need any more plants, but then I did not need any more snow, either.  It seems winter has been hard to shake everywhere this year.  Is everyone across the country as starved for color as we are here in New England?


5 responses to “Weather report

  1. Yes, we are waiting for spring in the Pacific NW too. We had a very nice, sunny day today, but back to the rain tomorrow…everything is drowning. Even the ferns look weary. When you said you planted more seeds, it reminded me of the time we planted all those seeds in Spokane…those are great memories! Despite the weather condition, I love your photo…very dramatic.

  2. It’s not quite as bad here as you all seem to have it. Just wet now. Hopefully the cold has passed, and the rain will warm up at least. I do see small signs of spring here and there – a crocus or two, some daffs, and even a few tulips scattered about. Bring it on!

  3. Just to let you know it snowed here in WA today! April 28th. When will it end!

  4. Yes. Everyone here is starved for Spring. The flowers bloom, but the rain doesn’t do much for them. Enough already!!!!!

  5. OK …still catching up with your archives. I’ll just ‘pretend’ we’re still in CO in late April. “It’s still ‘teaser weather’ here. Sunny one day, with threat of spring, then 3 days of wind and clouds. But DRY ….oh so dry! We need moisture here BIG TIME. The local cattle ranchers are very concerned for the hay crop this summer. Bring on the sun!

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