Ice-out on Lake Winnipesaukee happened today.  Something we’ve been looking forward to for weeks, it occurs when the ice that has covered the lake since December melts enough to allow the Mount Washington cruise ship to navigate between Alton Bay, Center Harbor, Weirs Beach, Meredith and Wolfeboro.

Not only is ice-out the traditional start of the spring season, but islanders regain water access to their cottages.  The date has been observed and recorded for over 120 years.  The setting of the exact date and time is non-scientific and is now determined by an observer in a small plane from Emerson Aviation that flies over the lake several times a day. When the pilot makes the ice-out call it is considered official.

Now if only we could warm up a little, and enhance the brown-grass, stick-tree landscape with a few daffodils!

5 responses to “Ice-out

  1. I’m starting to think we need something like “IceOut” here in the NW after having snow the last couple morning! Excellent Photos as always. Love the doorway.

  2. Isn’t spring wonderful! I love this time of year because we have the whole spring and summer to look forward to. We are still waking to frozen grass and are axiously awaiting a sunny day. As always, love your photos!

  3. It sounds like spring may actually be arriving for you! I sure hope so. Love the pictures, as always. Those flowers are beautiful.

  4. Your ice out is earlier than ours. Hate it when that happens.

  5. With your ‘hint’ of blue in all the pixs …I’m smitten!
    And what a neat little part of local history …’ice out’.
    My Dad kept a diary at our summer cabin in PA (“The Little Red Hen”).
    ‘Ice Out’ was a big deal for him every spring ….a BIG DEAL.
    Thanks for sharing P. D

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