Planting seeds

I always feel like I’m putting one over on Mother Nature when I plant seeds in a snowstorm.  But that’s what I did yesterday, and today some of last month’s seedlings went out into the greenhouse.

I run out of room quickly in the kitchen, and it’s made even more difficult by someone who lives in this house who thinks the heat mats are feline sleeping spots and the seedlings are kitty salad.  I’ve had to completely replant my tomato crop more than once in past years because I’ve come home to find all the tops neatly nibbled off.

I also propagate plants by cuttings … this year I’m doing the rosemary and ivy geranium plants that I brought home as cuttings from France last fall.  I’m pretty sure you can’t have too many of either of those.

Yesterday, April 1, is the official take-down-the-bird-feeders day … if you don’t, it’s likely a hungry bear will visit your house.  If they’re hungry enough, and they smell food, they’ll come right IN your house.  I do not need to be feeding any more critters than I already am.  Especially ones that are bigger than me.

And that chore, coupled with the fact that when I raked a patch of bare yard this afternoon I found wild bleeding hearts poking up out of the ground, can only mean one thing…

… Spring has sprung.


3 responses to “Planting seeds

  1. Linda Freyberg

    I am glad you are finally “sprung”! It has been a long, cold winter for you. I always enjoy the hope of spring and the new colors and things I find in my yard when I look out my windows. I found a wayward white primrose (you know those are “annuals” in our neck of the woods), poking out where I certainly didn’t plant it in the backyard. It made me smile.

  2. Ilene Fiedler

    Crocus always means Spring. But someone forgot to tell the weatherman here in Washington. My seedlings are much smaller than you, but of course I am not a pro…….

  3. Been busy out here ….celebrating yet another BD.
    “Will Ya still need me, Will Ya still feed me…..when I’m 64”. Now my most fitting Beatles jingle.
    Vegeterian cats ….hmmm, never knew that was possible. Glad to hear/see spring has finally sprung back there Paige ….or has it? Saw yet another storm front headed your way. Any more snow? Cheers, DanPa

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