European itinerary

A destination has been chosen and flight booked for The 2011 Trip … to Scotland.  Has anyone been there before?  Do I really need to upgrade my rain gear, as some people have suggested?  I know absolutely nothing about Scotland, except where it is.  I imagine it looks a lot like Ireland, given its location … maybe something like this?

or this?

Actually I have seen Scotland from a distance, but couldn’t really tell much of the geography.

In looking at a map we noticed there is a ferry that goes straight into Belfast, Northern Ireland, and we have friends there … maybe that’s a day trip?  Belfast is a wonderful small city, albeit with a turbulent past.

So sometime after Labor Day weekend I will be packing (raincoat, umbrella, boots??) and looking forward to the flight to Paris, where we are already planning on hitting the duty free shops, and then on to Edinburgh.  Maybe we’ll see the Loch Ness monster.  Oh, that’s the other thing I know about Scotland.


One response to “European itinerary

  1. Envy you for all your memorable trips across the pond. Have a ball.
    Playing any golf …it was born there.

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