Signs of the season

Even if you weren’t looking at the calendar, you’d know the change of seasons is upon us.  The sky has snowed almost daily this week, but here are some big clues that spring has come and the earth is waking up again…..

The ice is starting to break up.  Streams are running again, the bobhouses are off the lakes, and crazy people are skimming across open water on snowmobiles.

The dreaded orange “Frost Heaves” signs are up.  The worst ones are the signs that simply say “Bump”, which means a dip in the road is coming that could probably swallow a Volkswagen whole.  As it is, sometimes in my Explorer I swear my rear end leaves the seat and I’m airborne.  Notice the road in this photo does not exactly look inviting.  Every time I’ve driven this recently I just know my car will need a front-end alignment in the near future.  I’ve given up trying to listen to the iPod.

And last but certainly  not least, the crocus.  What would we do in early springtime without these little beauties?  In this color-starved landscape it’s the first sign of hope of warmer days to come.


2 responses to “Signs of the season

  1. God bless the crocus! They give us all hope that spring will arrive after all! I saw a beautiful little batch of stark white crocus walking home from work the other day and just smiled all the rest of the way home. Gotta love that.

  2. I feel your bad road pain. Our roads heave, then the pavement breaks up and we get to dodge huge potholes for the rest of the year! But, we don’t get cool orange signs out of the deal. They’d have to place one about every twenty feet!

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