American Home Gallery

Tonight I went to a “cocktail party” at American Home Gallery in Wolfeboro. Julie Fergus, the owner, had sent out invitations and co-worker Judy had received one, so we decided to attend. Julie is an interior designer and American Home Gallery is her studio and office … a beautiful old brick Colonial that was especially pretty tonight in the snow. I hadn’t been here in years, though I used to frequent it when it was called Architectural Attic … she used to fill the shop with used furniture and architectural salvage, neither of which I can resist. It has since transitioned to something much more polished (although I learned she is still selling old pieces in one of the rooms on the upper floor). The house is nicely done – the old features in the rooms are all intact, but Julie has added her twist. For instance, in the entry hall, which is painted a buttery yellow, the stair treads are covered with a hand-painted floorcloth and the walls are filled with brightly colored artwork. In the front room there is an iron gate attached to the ceiling from which hangs a crystal chandelier. In the dining room the ceiling is divided into four triangles and painted two contrasting colors. Lots of interesting ideas here, and the entire evening was very well done. There were free drinks and – oh, the hors d’oeuvres! There were stuffed mushrooms and onion & gorgonzola pizza and some little sausage and cheese ball things that I would have stuffed my pockets with if given half a chance! I understand the recipes are on her blog, so I will be seeking those out. Julie has done a nice job of taking old New England and gently leading it into the 21st century.


5 responses to “American Home Gallery

  1. That sounded like a wonderful evening! Wish I was there!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful evening! Pretty tatted table cover as well.

  3. Linda Freyberg

    Looks delightful– warm and inviting. I wish I had that “interior designer” gene!

  4. All the above comments are nice, but it’s the FOOD I like. Altho the square plates caught my eye too.

  5. Yum ….but all that stuff looks & sounds too ‘healthy’ for me.
    I would have joined you in clearing the sausage & cheeseball plate!

    Great pix & nice presentation by te host. d

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