The first sign of spring

The first sign of spring around here isn’t the crocus sprouting (we haven’t seen the ground since November) or the robins, or buds on the trees. No, here it is … the sap bucket. When those shiny silver buckets appear that means the sap must be running, which in turn means there is still hope that all this snow will melt and the trees will have leaves by May. And imagine my surprise this morning at the unlikely place I saw this harbinger of spring: the bank parking lot! So even though it certainly doesn’t look anything like spring around here today, there is hope for things to come. 


3 responses to “The first sign of spring

  1. What a different environment you live in! Quite an adventure. Love the pics!

  2. Those trees are in the bank parking lot? How strange…but glad to know that hope is alive in NH!

  3. Great catch P.
    Reminds me of when I skied at a place (name?) in No. NH …right by the Canadian border. They had ‘feeding troughs’ filled with snow about waist high parallel to the lift lines. They would come out with freshly-boiled maple sap/syrup and pour it the whole length of the trough. They handed the skiers in line little round sticks so we could ‘twirl’ some of the sweet stuff and devour it as we road the lifts! Very cool. d

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