Abandoned farm

I am in the process of putting together a book of the trips Terry and I took to New England over the years. The scanned photos do not do justice to the things we saw and experienced, and they are not sharp and clear like the digital photos we have today. But some of them are still good, and the memories they invoke make it worth the time and effort to gather them in one place. New England was just so different from home … the old inns with uneven wood floors and no locks on the doors; the rambling old houses with funny-sounding features like Indian shutters and gunstock corners; the seacoast and islands with salt marshes and whaling history; the town pounds and lighthouses and lobster rolls. Our corner of New Hampshire here is just one small part of a big, beautiful, immensely explorable region that, if you haven’t visited it yet, you should. You will not be disappointed.

These photos are from one of our trips, when we were out exploring one day. We came across an abandoned house and barn just off the main road we were traveling on, and we stopped to get a closer look. I’ll never forget how beautiful these buildings were – and the woods had grown up all around them. We did not disturb anything, just took photos, and I’ve often wondered what happened to the place.


2 responses to “Abandoned farm

  1. What an absolutely spectacular place! The windows are magnificent. Oh, what a story it must have had at one time. How sad it’s been deserted, though. Just beautiful. Only YOU could find such a place hiding in the overgrowth, though, Paige!

  2. Abandoned ….hard to believe.
    Beautiful shots, and many fond memories I’m sure. d

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