Any way the wind blows

When the wind blows here, it also blows the snow. This means that on a blustery day you are likely to encounter areas where snow is blowing across the road, as it was this morning.

Several years ago, not too long after we moved here, I was on my way to work and came upon the flat, open area at 19-Mile Bay. Here the road is level with the lake, and the wind was blowing. As I rounded the corner I could see nothing but white ahead – and within seconds it was a total white-out. I couldn’t see the road, or whether another car was coming toward me, or for that matter anything around me at all. There was a moment of panic – if I wasn’t where I was supposed to be, there could be a head-on collision! – but then I was out of it. It was a little frightening! When I arrived at my office I told people about this experience, only to find out that it was common knowledge and was advised to take the back road into Wolfeboro when the wind blows. And apparently it is some kind of rite of passage – I didn’t get sympathy, I was congratulated!

Now I know what to expect on a windy day… but often I drive through 19-Mile Bay anyway, just for sport. Fortunately it’s never been as bad as it was that day!


2 responses to “Any way the wind blows

  1. Great story! Scary story….and these pictures really give you an idea of how scary it must be to drive along there in such conditions. We are having snow still, too, although not nearly what you have. It’s been in the 20s for several days now, breaking records for low temps this time of year. It’s not that unusual for it to snow in February, but it’s almost March for heaven’s sake! I love the snow, I love winter, but I am SO ready for spring this year! Bring it ON!

  2. Believe me Paige ….we can relate down here in So. CO.
    A couple of years ago, right after we got down here from Seattle, we had a 10″ dump (no biggie), but the drifts on our ranch roads were 3-4′ deep in places. We took our AWD car out for a ride, just ro see if we could get stuck! We didn’t, but I did bust one of the driving lights under the front bumper.
    I bet you’re now ‘experienced’ with the white outs!

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