Life with cats

Here is how my shower went tonight:

Go upstairs to find the Spazcat on top of the tv cabinet, 3 other cats following behind me.
Willis scratches at bathroom door, he knows it’s warm in there. Let him in.
I don’t follow him fast enough, so he comes back out. Buzzy goes in.
Find Spazcat licking the tv cabinet, so bring her in the bathroom on top of radiator.
Buzzy curls up next to oil heater and stays put. Good cat.
Attempt to stop Spazcat from eating the plant next to the radiator.
Close bathroom door, since everyone appears to be settled.
Get in the shower.
Clawing noises at bathroom door. Ignore them.
More clawing noises. Peek out of shower curtain to see Spazcat sitting patiently in front of door. Willis not patient outside.
Open bathroom door (while still in the shower), Spazcat goes out. Willis doesn’t want in.
Close bathroom door, but not tight. Notice a few minutes later it is wide open.
Close bathroom door.
Finish shower and get out. Willis laying on floor mat. Buzzy still in same spot. Good cat.
Finish in bathroom. Willis is now on bed. Buzzy in far corner of bedroom, scratching at something.
Inspect what Buzzy is up to. Find dead mouse under table.
Dispose of mouse. Spazcat is huddled over radiator at bottom of stairs.
We all come downstairs!


2 responses to “Life with cats

  1. Love it! And what a great picture of Buzzy. You have such adorable kitties!

  2. Could be a scene from Alfred Hitchcock!

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