Subzero sunshine

As I drove into Wolfeboro this morning I saw the fog sitting on the lake, so I quickly decided to take a side trip to the town docks … and was rewarded with a beautiful scene of frozen lake, flocked trees, and the white bandstand, which looks considerably more inviting in the summer.  I left the Explorer running in the parking lot, since it was four below zero when I left the house, and walked around a bit.  Yes, Peg, I am getting a little tired of the weekly snow-shoveling, but on mornings like this how can you really argue?


3 responses to “Subzero sunshine

  1. Those ARE beautiful pictures. Love the one of that interesting tree behind the lone black lamp post. Where was that taken?

  2. OH Man …these are really nice shots.

    Just FYI ….the night after we arrived here in So. CO, it dipped to 27 BELOW !!
    The damn dog didn’t want to go outside at all, but she ‘adapted’ !!

  3. Incredible photos, Paige. Even though I’m starved for spring and if I ever see another snow flake, it will be too soon, these are truly breathtaking! You are one talented lady!

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