Groundhog Day storm

To quote Joanna Weiss in today’s Boston Globe,
“There is something magical about the first snowfall of the year, the crystalline flakes glowing in the streetlamps, the snow settling quietly on rooftops and tree limbs, the first footsteps through the pristine blanket on the yard. There is something considerably less magical about five major snowstorms by the start of February.”

She is right, and the weather this year has been a bit much.  Towns are working hard to keep up with all the snow, carting it off the streets to big snow dumps, and school officials are thinking the kids may be there until July.  Heating bills are high, temperatures are low, and all cars now are the same color: gray.  But I am not complaining – this is New England, it snows in the winter, sometimes a lot, and if you don’t like it you shouldn’t live here.  I will admit that by March I am tired of snow, and don’t want any more, and I may complain then.  But for now, it’s winter and I am happy to live in a place with four distinct seasons and I love my down jacket and scarves.  And this frame of mind makes it a little easier to know that there is more snow coming on Saturday!

Another quote, this from a comment posted on our local news station’s Facebook page:
“Wind. Snow. Ice. Blizzard conditions. 2,000 miles. 30 states. 100 million people. Worst storm in 50 years. State of emergency. Natural disaster. In New Hampshire we call it… WEDNESDAY.”


One response to “Groundhog Day storm

  1. Love the photo of your house and kitty – the black and white contrast is great! The icicles are amazing too…you must have strong muscles after shoveling all that snow!

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