Wolfeboro station

The train station in Wolfeboro is a landmark. For 60 years, starting in 1872, the Boston and Maine Railroad carried people in and out of Wolfeboro. There were three trains in and out of town each weekday, connected the town with the main line from Dover to North Conway. Puffing steam and coal smoke, bells ringing and whistles blowing, those trains rambled down the track loaded with passengers, mail, express, bread and baggage – the latter carried free. Tickets were cheap and 500-mile mileage books cost 2c per mile and were much-used by traveling salesmen. The average train consisted of the engine and tender, a baggage car with smoking section, and one or two passenger cars. Today the station houses the chamber of commerce, a fitting spot for the heart of this small town.


One response to “Wolfeboro station

  1. Beautiful pictures! Great attitude too!! LOL

    It is New England so we are suppose to get snow ! BUT Paige enough is enough!!!! LOL LOL

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