Approaching storm

There is a nor’easter headed our way for tomorrow. The scientific definition of a nor’easter is:  “a type of macro-scale storm along the East Coast of the United States, so named because the storm travels to the northeast from the south and the winds come from the northeast. Nor’easters thrive on the converging air masses; that is, the polar cold air mass and the warmer ocean water of the Gulf Stream.” Many New Englanders (including me) and most school children all enjoy a snow day – there’s nothing better than watching the snow fall from your seat in front of the fireplace, knowing you just can’t get outside until it stops. Then you sweep or shovel it all aside and … go. New Hampshire takes very good care of its roads, and as long as you don’t have to travel during the storm, driving is just fine.

This photo shows a clear, cold evening with the crescent moon just out of sight. All the tree debris on the ground is from the day-after-Christmas blizzard, which I missed. Which is too bad. I love a good snowstorm.


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