Frozen lake and bright lights

Stopping at Melvin Bay to watch the sunset, I walked onto the pier to get a better view of an object out on the ice. It was … a bench. Maybe they couldn’t afford a bobhouse, so they settled for a bench? The sun turned the ice beautiful colors, and in the quiet you could hear the ice creaking and groaning. In places it had heaved up to form sharp ridges and in other places there were long rivulets that were a different color. It is always moving, which is what makes snowmobiling on the lake challenging. However, since I have only done it once, I am no expert!

Also noteworthy tonight, the International Space Station was visible for 4 minutes overhead. It’s always an awesome sight, and seemed especially bright tonight – even brighter than Venus. What do they do, turn on all the lights?


One response to “Frozen lake and bright lights

  1. Fascinating photos. The colors truly are beautiful, and the different shapes/forms of the ice are really interesting. You always seem to be at the right place at the right time! Good job, as always.

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