Happy New Year!

This blog is meant to be an extension of last year’s Project 365 but without the requirement of posting something every day (not an easy thing to do!). I am hopeful that I can write something interesting about where I live – a small village in New Hampshire – and post photos of the area as I continue to play with my cameras. Feel free to add comments, critiques or anything you feel like …. it gives me a reason to keep posting stuff. Enjoy, and thanks for supporting me through a year of photos!


3 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. Beautiful start to the year, Paige! I’m excited to see what you post, and say, this year. I think I’ll like the fact that you will be able to put some words along with your pictures now. Lovely!

  2. Paige this is great! Always love seeing your photos! AND now we will have a story to go along with them!!

    Great Job!!

  3. OK ….This will indeed take me awhile, as I’m w-a-y behind!
    In skimming through the pixs as I rolled back to the beginning….I recognize your beautiful pix ‘style’. Un-mistakingly “Paige’. I will re-read all your words as the snow fall and ski slopes here in CO permit!

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